Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Book Snob

I think I might be a book snob.

I've recently discovered a rather unsettling aspect of my personality.  I 100% judge people based on a) what they read and b) the ratings they give the books they read.  For a little background, I’m on a site called Goodreads and it lets you rate books you read on a 5 star scale. 

The scale with descriptions.

The problem started when I began to see people I know rating books, that I think look absurd, very highly.  Case in point, people rating the 50 Shades books 5 stars.  Sorry not sorry, those are not 5 star books.

I find myself thinking things like “what are you, new?  Like are you just discovering books?  If so I’d like to lend you some literature.  If not we REALLY need to chat because I can’t fathom why you think these books are ‘amazing.’”

Anyway comma sometimes things make me sad. 

1 comment:

  1. I think this is a rational reaction to people rating the 50 shades books 5 stars... they are a 3 at best as that really just reflects the reviewers love of the books which is really all they could have ever hoped for in my opinion. :-)