Friday, April 4, 2014

Things That Make Me Feel Like a Traitor to My Generation

Subtitle, "I suck at being a '20-something'"

For those of you who may not know, I will turn 24 this month.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the fact that I’m “in my 20’s” and what that seems to mean to my peers / society.  I can’t help feeling like when judged by current “norms” I am falling woefully short.  I have to think I’m not the only 20 something who doesn’t relate a bit to the show GIRLS but maybe I’m wrong?  It just seems like popular culture is telling me I’m messing up on the following things:

1. Having had multiple sexual partners by the time one reaches his or her 20’s.  I guess I should have seen this one coming when I didn’t have the hyper sexualized college experience that seems to be depicted in the movies and TV shows of the day.  I was basically setting myself up for “failure” on this one.  This one doesn’t bug me that much but I do sometimes think I might be wasting my prime.

2. Being really into going out on the weekends.  In hindsight this is another one I should have seen coming.  I did go out more in college but since graduating I have probably gone out to bars less than 5 times.  I wonder if this is okay or if I should be aiming to be like Lena Dunham dancing in a mesh tank top?  I’m not sure that’s a look I could rock though so maybe I’m okay.

3. Loving wine.  I’m sorry to my fellow 20 something women.  I just really don’t like wine.  Never really have and I don’t see it happening any time soon.  Just remember, my not liking it means there is more for you!

4. Living with a bunch of roommates.  Have you noticed that popular culture never seems to depict a main character of our age group living alone?  If they do it’s often because their parents pay for their rent or because they’re too weird to keep a roommate or seven.  I have to think there are others who both are capable of living alone in their 20’s and who actually prefer it.  You know what I never have to do?  Other people’s dishes.  Boom.

5. Relying on parents for financial support.  This one was never going to work for me.  When I got my first job in high school I became pretty self-sufficient.  Obviously my parents still covered my basic needs but I paid for my lunch, any extracurricular activities, etc.  Other than when my Dad helped me right after I graduated I’ve been managing.  It seems weird to me that an adult with a job would still need constant monetary aid from their parents.

6. An incredibly strong sense of "feminism."  I've posted about this before.  I'm a firm believer in equality but I often feel like the feminists of my generation are pushing for the subjugation of men more than for equality.  It's like equality can't exist, someone has to win.

7. Dating around.  To paraphrase Rajesh Koothrappali, zero men—that’s my sweet spot.  Dating is hard.  Meeting people is hard.  Going out with someone you met at the coffee shop could end in you being a skin suit so is it really worth the risk?    

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