Tuesday, September 2, 2014

More Things I Thought Were True

Earlier this year I posted a list of things I thought were true when I was a kid.  Since doing so I’ve realized that there are several others I overlooked.  In order to rectify this grievous oversight I provide the following list of “More Things I Thought Were True.”

Childhood ruined. 
1. I had a very real fear about the story of the “girl with the green ribbon.”  In case you’re unaware of the story I’m referencing it was basically about a girl who had a green ribbon around her neck that she never took off.  She grew up, got old, etc.  When she was on her death bed she had someone remove the ribbon and her head fell off.  In hindsight, this is absurd.  But at the time I was fairly convinced this was a feasible means of staying alive after being beheaded.  Additionally, I was super worried that heads could just fall off willy nilly.  Thinking about it even now kind of freaks me out.  This is what I get for reading my sister’s “Scary Stories” book.  Ugh.

2.  I was pretty convinced there was some kind of hidden fairy wonderland in the woods / fields near my house.  My friend Shawna and I spent countless hours walking around these areas as kids.  An important fact to note here is that these were not exactly dense woods.  You could pretty much see through them.  I can only assume I thought the entrance would be some kind of rabbit hole.  Or that I, unlike the woods, was a little dense.    

3. This one isn't so much something I thought was true as it’s something absurd I did.  We got a lot of snow one winter and I decided that if I crawled under it in one place and continued to “burrow” I could make a super cool tunnel in the snow.  After probably 20 minutes of hardcore tunnel excavation I emerged from the snow to view my handiwork.  I had created a rather sizable path through the snow.  It was a pretty big letdown for tiny Kyley.

4.  Basically anything my sister ever told me.  Including that gem about how if you went down the big hill by our house without using breaks on your bike you could coast all the way to the Arend’s (friends).  That was just a big ‘ol mess.

5.  Once more, Hogwarts.  Another September 1st has come and gone and I am still not at magic school.      


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