Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm going to be 21 soon...

So i am going to share 21 facts about myself with the world, I fully believe that once these facts are out there, hunger will cease, peace will be found, and everyone will have sneakers! Or, you know, maybe just like three people (myself included) will be somewhat amused. Fingers crossed.

1. I am named after Kylie Minogue and Sinead O'Connor but my mom picked different spellings of both of their names.

2. I have a serious fear of spiders, hate them, even cartoon ones freak me out.

3. I love canned peas, i sometimes eat a can for a meal.

4. I keep a sewing machine in my dorm room closet.

5. I sometimes imagine what my life would be like as a Jane Austen novel.

6. I have 10,709 songs in my iTunes, it's not enough.

7. I think I own over 500 books, give or take a few.

8. I can turn my feet backwards.

9. I can walk on my knees.

10. I have freakishly long toes, but really.

11. I was voted clumsiest in my high school graduating class, this is a title I am definitely maintaining.

12. I crack my knuckles. A lot. All of them. Toes included.

13. I like to do things that are moderately illegal.

14. I want to be really artistic but I can't draw, it's a problem.

15. I sing at absurd volumes in public places.

16. I do a spastic dancy jump thing when i get excited.

17. I'm still a little freaked out from when i thought about spiders earlier.

18. I am NOT a pharmacy major.

19. I find the color pink to be superfluous.

20. I keep my laundry quarters in a huge Vicodin bottle.

21. I will remember the night of the 20th, I will remember the night of the 20th, I will remember the night of the 20th...

Peace yo!