Saturday, April 30, 2011

Well folks, it’s almost that time.

Finals, for many, this is “crunch time.” The masses flock to the library, freshman barter flex dollars for study rooms, the kids with Ritalin or Adderall prescriptions are given opportunity to make up all the money they had to spend on books for the semester, and BUPD is called in to calm down the girl twitching in the corner all hopped up on highlighter fumes.

Yes indeed, it’s a wonderful time to be a college student. I’ve found the key to sanity though and now I’d like to share it with you. While everyone else is hitting the books I hit the snooze button, as opposed to looking over all of my notes I look at all the Youtube videos I’ve heard are funny throughout the semester, basically instead of studying I procrastinate.

This system is not foolproof however, its positive effects only last an average of a week. Then one of three things happens, 1. You blow your own mind by exhibiting brilliance on your finals even though you never studied for them. (this is not a likely outcome but feel free to dream) 2. You scrape by and feel a slight twinge of shame and promise yourself you'll do it differently next semester. (probably the most common outcome) Or 3. You fail abysmally and are forced to take a long hard look at your life choices (although if you fall into this category you will probably choose to look at the video parody of “Friday” or the “Numa Numa” kid instead.)

This being said, I only recommend the use of this system for the amount of time you can handle it. So, you need to balance your assumed knowledge with your assumed ignorance, then divide the time until your exam by your speed-reading ability, and probably factor in some time for sleep. Then you’ll know how much time you actually need to study in order to get an acceptable grade.

As for me, I’m going to post this blog and then drink wine and study with my friend M. We think it will be a good system; I’ll let you know the effectiveness for sure when grades come out in a few weeks.

Good luck all!

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  1. ummmm... are finals over yet so you can write more amusing blog posts?