Thursday, June 2, 2011

I will not kill the internship lily!

So, I think it is about time I write something about my internship. This being said, on my very first day, the rest of the office is just returning from a week long sales meeting in New Orleans. My boss comes in a few minuets after (slightly nervous and overzealous) me. There is a lot of filling out paperwork that we’re going to skim over, trust me, you’re not missing much. So, now I’ve been at work for an hour or so. I go to my bosses office where he has made me a little desk of sorts. Oh, I should give some background here…

The building I work in was, and still is, in the middle of some serious construction. Ergo, my boss’s office was a large room shared between him, another coworker, and myself. Okay, now back to my little desky work area.

Next to this makeshift work area there is the most depressingly droopy peace lily I have ever seen. Sorta like that photo, but worse because it didn't even have flowers. So my coworker (we’ll call him Cliff) says to my boss (Jake, if you will) “Your plant looks bad.” For some reason both of them seem to find this very funny. I, however, am lamenting for the poor lily, clearly it is in the ICU of the plant world. Jake goes and gets some water for it, I’m still worried so I start trying to prune off the overly dead parts in an attempt to entice it into living.

“She touched it last!” I hear in semi surround sound. Then I get the back story.

Apparently, this poor peace lily has been living in the office for quite some time. It has had many owners and homes around the building. It has not, however, really flourished. In a related vein though, no one has killed it yet. So, now we get to “my most important duty of the summer.” Keep the peace lily alive. Kill it and I’m fired. Make it bloom and I get great reviews. Challenge accepted.

The lily is kind of mine now, I water it, I talk to it a little, and I asked if it could come with me to my cubicle when we move. I ordered plant food for it yesterday. I’m determined to make it bloom. I mean I need to be serious about this, it’s internship priority number one after all.

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