Friday, June 3, 2011

True Life: I Sit at the Regional Manager’s Desk.

If you’ll remember, in my last post I mentioned that the building I am working in is under construction. Because of this, when I got here on my first day, my boss (Jake) and another man (Cliff) had set up camp in a large office belonging to the regional manager. Apparently, he seldom comes into the office, preferring to work elsewhere. So, as both of the desk areas in the room were taken Jake got me a small round table that we put my computer, shelves, pens, etc. on. And that was my spot. I had my little corner and there were three of us in the one office. It was a pretty good little setup. Until yesterday that is.

I get to the office at about eight o’clock Thursday morning and head to our big room expecting to see Cliff, when I arrive though, his desk is clear. His new cubicle is finished and he has moved. I’m a little sad that I will be working alone for a couple hours (because my boss is lucky and gets to come in at like ten) but it’s not a big deal. I go to my little table and get to work.

At about nine thirty Jake comes in, “Did Cliff already move?” he asks. I resist the urge to respond with “clearly,” and instead reply with a simple, “I think so.” So then Jake starts moving out. It’s at this point that I start to get a little worried. I have it on good authority that my cubicle will not be finished for about a week. I figure I will just have to walk a little more and I’ll just stay at my little table. Not so.

After moving all of his things out Jake comes down with Cliff. They are talking about returning the round table to its owner. I remember Jake saying something about me living at a podium for a week. I really thought that was a joke. Maybe not. Maybe I have to stand all week. Maybe I have to put my desktop computer on my lap. Maybe next week is going to suck major.

“Hey Kyley, why don’t you just move your stuff to the desk Cliff was at.”

“What?” I say/laugh.

“Yeah, that will work; you can just sit there for a week.”

“You want me to move my stuff to the regional manager’s desk? And you want me to sit there, alone, in his giant office, alone, for a week…alone?”


So I live here now. It’s one hundred percent absurd. It’ll be a miracle if this guy does not come in while I’m chilling in his office. What do you even do in that situation? “Oh sorry, I’m the intern, is this not the inter office? Silly me…”

This could be good.