Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh Hey Prepared Kyley

I took one of the more intense exams of my college career today. I’ve had difficult exams, don’t get me wrong, but honestly, I am usually really bad about studying for them. Therefore when I get into the exam I tend to not know a few questions, I skip them, and I get the exam done rather quickly. Not so today.

For some reason, I decided I should study for this exam. And boy did I. I filled out the seven page long, size ten font, typed up study guide, I re-wrote it on my legal notepads (I highly recommend these for note taking, no spiral on your wrist = excellent), and I read, read, and re-read.

Then I got to the exam. I read the first question and knew the answer. Read the second and knew it as well. Read the third and...Then I realized what I’d gotten myself into. By actually preparing for the exam I had decimated my time efficiency. The professor whose exam this was likes to give very long exams. I filled an entire blue book! It was absurd. My hand actually hurt when I was done! I have never had an exam take me so long.

On the plus side I really feel like I knew what I was talking about. We will see on Wednesday I suppose. Fingers crossed.

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