Friday, April 6, 2012

Is There An App For That?

Sometimes I strongly consider deleting my Facebook.  And not just because then I could say I did.  Oh no, there are a bundle of reasons.  Hence, my need to create this list of things that I wish Facebook had an app to allow me to block.

Annoyance Number 1:  People who feel the need to compare all celebrity deaths to military deaths; the most recent case, Whitney Houston.  For weeks after her death my news feed was inundated with photos of her next to a fallen soldier with messages about the difference in media coverage of their deaths.  Here is the thing though; the two deaths are not really comparable as far as the media is concerned.  Whitney Houston was famous.  Most soldiers are not. Whitney Houston died as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle.  Soldiers die fighting for their countries.  It is clear to me that the more honorable death is that of the soldiers, but the one that is going to “sell papers,” is that of Whitney Houston.  It's just a fact of life.  

Annoyance Number 2: Recently, it seems like my Facebook news feed has been blown up with political and religious agendas.  I understand that it is an election year but seriously, I’m just over this.  You’re pro-life?  Okay cool, boon for you, we all get to have our opinions but I don’t want to see your creepy fetus photos every time I log into Facebook.  They do nothing to change my opinion on the subject.  All they do is make me angry / annoyed that you have chosen to use a social media site to try to force feed your opinions on me.  Save it for real life conversation.  The same goes for those of you who don’t like Obama, are angry about gun laws, think America is screwed if a republican gets elected, etc.  I’m not saying it’s not okay to post an occasional political comic or something, I just am sick and tired of having the bulk of my Facebook be political.

Annoyance Number 3: Games.  I’m not going to play your game.  It does not matter if you send me one request or 1000.  All your subsequent requests are doing is moving you higher up on the list of people I want to punch in the knee.

Annoyance Number 4: All of these photos telling me I have to “like” them or I don’t A) Believe in God, B) Have a heart, C) Care about issue "X", D) Believe in fairies, whatever.  I’m pretty certain God does not monitor my Facebook that closely.  

Annoyance Number 5: People giving me way too much information about their lives.  Case in point, girls giving a play-by-play of the birth of their child.  I do not want or need to know how dilated you are.  I understand it’s a big event and I’m happy for you but I really don’t need the details.  When the baby is out and clean I will happily read its length, weight, etc.  Until that point though please keep it off my news feed.   

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