Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Conversation With My Brother

Edited for grammatical correctishness and slight consolidation.  Also, "Tristan" would be my brother.  "Nikita" is our sister.  She's a pharmacist.

Tristan: I shattered the first segment of my finger.

Me: How?

Tristan: Pulled a cart out of the freezer and smashed it between that and the door.  The carts weigh at least 1000lbs.

Me: Ouch.  So is it like flat now?

Tristan: It hurts but I still worked the entire rest of the day.  No just like bent.

Me: Nikita wants to know if you're going to the Dr.  She says if the bone is broken you need to.  She says you could get nerve damage and loose functionality in your finger.  Plus something else bad that I don't understand.

Tristan: No I am not.  It will be fine it moves and hurts like an SOB the nerves are fine I wish they were damaged.

Me: You probably should go.  You have insurance.

Tristan: Yeah, no thanks.  I don’t need to go through that.  It’s a pinky if it gets messed up I will have them cut it off no biggie.

Me: Poor life choice.  Think of all the pinky swears you won't be able to do!

Tristan: Well that’s why god gave us two.

Me: Seems risky.

Tristan: Meh it looks like the bone will set and heal itself fine the tip will be a little askew but that’s something I can live with as long as the knuckle is still functional and it is.

Me: I mean you could get it paid for with workman’s comp probably?  The other thing Nikita was telling me about sounded bad.

Tristan: Yeah no, I work in a butcher shop if you are not missing a limb you suck it up and keep working.

Me:  I suppose your boss could cut it off if need be... “filet a tris.”

Tristan: Actually it would be more like a flat iron steak emphasis on flat lol.

Me: This is all going on my blog...

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