Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some New(ish) Obsessions

1. Lana Del Rey.  I didn't like her on SNL but damn it if she has not grown on me.  Seriously, listen to some of her music; once you get past the fact that it’s all a little dirge-y you’ll see that it’s also startlingly lovely.

2. My Camelbak water bottle.  This thing is awesome.  Enough said.

Duckpin Bowling
3. Duckpin bowling!  There is a place downtown (it’s like the only place in the Midwest I think) and it is ridiculously fun.  For those of you who may not know, duckpin bowling is basically bowling but miniature.  The pins are smaller, the balls are smaller, and you get to wear your own shoes.

4. Pretzel sticks.  They are delicious!

5. Baby Lips chap stick.  It comes in a few colors but I love the clear and peachy ones.  It’ll make your lips feel awesome.


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