Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Safety Observation

It's only a matter of time...
So my office has us do these things called safety observations, they count towards our yearly evaluation. Basically, if you see something unsafe you fix it and then write it up and it helps us reduce the total number of accidents. This is the one I submitted today.

Safety Observation

This morning (4-4-13) when I arrived at work there were two extremely agitated looking geese standing sentry at the door to the Etzel building.  One appeared to be the backup while the other was attempting to use its beak to break through the glass door.  I can only assume their motives were nefarious.

I first tried to scare them away by honking at them.  However, after realizing that geese themselves can honk it made more sense that they seemed entirely unaffected by it.  At that point I got out of my car, circumnavigated the geese (to avoid even more potential danger) and went in the main door.

Upon getting into the building I went back down to the vestibule of the other door and utilized my excellent intimidation skills to shoo the geese away.  I’ve been checking sporadically to see if they have returned.  

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