Friday, February 7, 2014

Recent Workplace Happenings

Boss: By the way we were right about that thing.
Me: Have you seen The Incredibles?
Boss: *Confused look*
Me: The Pixar movie about superheroes? It has the tiny woman who makes the costumes.
Boss: Oh, yes, I know that one.
Me: I never look back, darling.  It detracts from the now.

As I’m walking towards him…
Coworker: Oh man, don’t tell Kyley!
Me: Sticks tongue out.
Coworker: *Laughs*
Me: Clearly I’m feeling unfailingly mature today.

Me: Well there's the silver lining!
Coworker: Oh, I watched that movie.  Kinda have a crush on Jennifer Lawrence.
Me: Me too.
Coworker: You too?
Me: Yeah.  Let's be real, given the opportunity I would alter my sexual orientation to be with Jennifer Lawrence.
All: Laughter

Boss: So what’s on your list?
Me: All the things.

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