Monday, February 17, 2014

Things I Thought were True

Last week I had to drive to Chicago for work.  It’s a longish drive and it left me with way too much time to think.  One of the things that popped into my mind was some of the weird things I was convinced were true / that I thought would be way bigger issues in my life back when I was just a wee tot.  Let me tell you about them…

1. I thought that having a baby happened pretty instantly.  Like on TV shows when the woman is all “the baby is coming!” and they have to race to the hospital and there is always a very real chance that they won’t make it and the dad will have to deliver the baby in the car.  I figured that was typical.  As such I spent far too much of my childhood time being concerned about grown-up Kyley and what would happen when she decided to have a baby.

2. I was convinced that bellybuttons could come untied.  After I learned that bellybuttons are just tied off after birth and heal into what we have today I became certain that if I pushed my belly out too far my belly button would pop out, open, and all my insides would fall out. 

3. I thought that house fires would be a very prevalent thing in my young life.  In fact house fires were probably the thing I was most afraid of as a child.  They teach you all about them and how to be safe if / when (let’s be real, it always seemed like a question of when) they happen in school and poor small Kyley just assumed they would not burden us with that information if it weren’t something that would for sure happen to children at least 3 times.

4.  Much like the item above, I thought that catching on fire would be a big problem for me.  Stop, drop, and roll was so ingrained in me, and remains so to this day, that it seems almost absurd that I haven’t caught on fire yet.

5. I was pretty sure Hogwarts was real and that I was going.  This one still stings a bit. 


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