Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Conversation With My Sister (Subtitle, RIP Pumpkin Scone)

Sometimes I like to have Gchat conversations with my sister where I mostly send .gif images. Today was one of those times.
Me: Ode to a pumpkin scone,
your time was up too soon,
is not Thanksgiving equally as festive?
Take your cranberries and shove them. 
Sister: lol, nice


Sister: nice gif party

Me: i feel like you're not taking me seriously.
does my sadness amuse you?

Sister:  well not your sadness - just your display of sadness

Me: Your lack of compassion has been blogged about. 
Sister: excellent

Me: you're not taking anything I say seriously, are you?
She clearly doesn't understand.  I miss you already, pumpkin scone.  Until we meet again...

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