Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jobs I Am Totally Qualified For

Personal Book Buyer / Reader – I would buy the books for a wealthy person, read them, and leave said wealthy person a nice summary so he or she could decide whether to read the book or simply use my summary of it to sound well-read during polite conversation.

Pinterest Project Practicer
– See a project on Pinterest that you’d really like to try but you just don’t have time? I’m your girl! I will attempt the craft and if it turns out well, you get to keep it. If not, we toss it and both get a laugh out of the failure. And you never had to waste a minute!

Collector of Online Media
– Do you long for an iTunes library that would make all your hipster friends jealous? Do you wish you always had the perfect response .gif at your fingertips? Feeling leftout because you don’t have a funny video to pull up on your iPad? Worry no longer! Simply hire me to curate a broad collection of web based media that you can always have at the ready.

Non-Travel Writer
– My books and blog would serve as a meeting place and a source of inspiration for those of us too poor and / or introverted to travel. I would cover topics ranging from “Building the Perfect Blanket Fort,” to “Tastes of the World: Your Take-Out Ticket to World Travel (all without leaving your sofa).”

Movie Watcher
– See above description of Book Buyer but replace reading of books with watching of movies.

Master of Binge TV Watching
– I’m not sure why, but someone would decide to pay me for my ability to watch anywhere from one to two full seasons of a show in one weekend.

Taster of Cakes
– I think this one is self-explanatory.


  1. I will bake the cake.

    You make the pallet ottoman with DVD storage.


    1. Deal lol! As long as I get to eat some of the cake. I can't be flexible on that.