Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Things That Annoy Me More Than They Probably Should

1. Slow walkers. I’m not saying I’m the fastest (I have short legs, cut me some slack) but when I get stuck behind a group of people moseying along while taking up the whole walkway I find it infuriating.

2. When radio DJs interrupt the end of a song with their nonsense. More annoying yet if they are singing in some obnoxious voice. I want to hear the song. The whole song. Not your jibber jabber cutting into the end. I can’t even explain how much I hate this.

3. Misplaced tiles. Like in a floor pattern. So bad.

4. People changing the formatting of something I’ve created. Especially if it’s something I use to keep me organized. If I’ve created a system I’ve done so for a reason. I don’t need someone going in and trucking it all up.

5. People who don’t use the oxford comma. It helps to clarify things and takes literally one second to add. Just use the damn thing.

6. People who use OCD as a flippant descriptor. Unless you have been diagnosed by a medical professional (WebMD does not count) you don't have OCD. Being somewhat anal does not mean you have OCD.

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