Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why yes, I am a senior…

Well, I started off my last first day of school strong this morning.

Lets backtrack, about two weeks ago I got overzealous and made up my schedule one day when things were slow at work. It was all color coded and spectacular and had all my classes, their names, the professors, and perhaps most importantly, their locations.

Then this morning I walk to campus, I’m feeling pretty good, chipper. I go to HB235 where my class is supposed to be and there are people in it. Professors pass and say hello to me. The people in the room leave and we all go in. I realize I recognize basically no one in the room. I turn to the girl next to me and ask what class this is. It’s French. I am so not supposed to be in French class. I leave the room and get out my computer to find that they have moved my class. I am distraught. I scurry to the correct room and walk in.

“I printed my schedule too soon,” I say, “I was in French class.”

On the plus side, I walked in right after my name had been called for attendance so good timing I guess?

I checked my schedule then when I got home and found that another of my classes has been moved. I’m ready now though, they won’t get me again. Bring it on senior year.


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