Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things That Annoy Me

1. People who think being a business major is easy / that it involves no real work.

2. People who pronounce an “X” in the word especially. There is no “X” there. Stop saying it.

3. People who use the word “obviously,” in presentations. Actually, I didn’t do the same project as you so that finding was not obvious. But thanks for making me feel like an idiot.

4. People who don’t grasp sarcasm. Get with the generation people; we’re a flock of dry humored cynics, keep up.

5. Forgetting something you were thinking about.

6. People who write the wrong version of the word “your.” If you want to attribute a characteristic to someone, it’s “you’re funny,” or “you’re an ignorant buffoon.” People don’t own funny. People should not own ignorant buffoons. Your grammar makes my soul die a little more each day.

7. Anyone and everyone who frequently says, “totes,” “adorbs,” and/or “presh.” For the love of God just say the whole word. Saying these words makes you the exact opposite of adorbs.

8. The noise “um.” I want it out of today’s vernacular. It makes us sound like idiots. I both hate myself every time I utter it and lament for others every time they do.

9. People who always put “lol” in all caps. Why are you yelling at me about your laughter?

10. That baby that is always wailing in the grocery store. You know the one.

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  1. um... I totes don't think business majors do anything academic and you're sarcasm doesn't seem that great. Obviously your confused.