Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fast Times in Kyley’s Life

Well, my life went a little bat-shit crazy there for a minute.  Here’s the scoop:

1. I moved out of good old Rupert’s Corral (AKA my house at Butler for the last year) and got an apartment of my very own!  I plan to take photos and stuff later in the summer when I have it all put together, so watch for that.

2. I finished my last semester and graduated from college.  I still can’t believe this one is true but they tell me it is.  I have a shiny new diploma and everything.  I set it up in my room to remind myself that I’m old.  Or something like that.

3. I’m working.  Like a big kid.  40 hours a week.  It’s hardcore.  I applied for my first real grown-up job on Monday and hopefully will know if I get it by the end of the month.  

4. I went to my first company sales meeting. It was so many things.  Some kind of dull but informative (day long meetings), some hilarious (like meeting a woman who is basically me in 20 years and getting to put a face with the woman who emailed me saying she loved me), some awesome (like a V.P. telling everyone I was the best thing since sliced bread), and some just downright absurd (e.g. drunk co-workers).  All-in-all, it was great, I got to meet people from the company that I knew through email but had never actually seen in real life.  Good times.  

Other than all that I’ve just been acclimating.  I have real bills now.  I can DVR shows I like and watch them later.  I have friends leaving the country soon.  I have friends still in school and some starting grad school in the fall.  My sister is moving next month and it will be the first time in 4 years that I won’t be able to hop over and see her whenever I want.  And last but not least, next month I am getting a real dining room table to replace the super cool card table I’m using now.  I guess it’s time to go out and buy those big girl panties.  

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