Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Things Disney Taught Me About Being Eco-Friendly

I work for an environmental company and as those of you who know me personally may know, I write for the company blog as well as for my personal one.  The other day I was at work thinking about things I could blog while simultaneously pinning environmental things on pinterest.  This got me thinking about what kinds of things people most often repin from my personal account (aka what I should write about for work if I want our blog to take off).  And then it hit me, Disney.  Once the idea got in my head it simply would not get out which leads me to the following list of:

Things Disney taught me about being Eco-Friendly:
  1. Keep your fruits pesticide (and poison) free.
  2. Make sure your shoes are recyclable, just in case you lose one.
  3. Be kind to animals, they may be royalty in disguise.
  4. Woodland creatures are generally trustworthy, be nice to them, they may even do your dishes for you (with biodegradable soap of course).
  5. Make sure your mode of transportation is low emission; choose a flying carpet or an elephant over a sports car.  Alternatively, make your vehicle out of an over-sized vegetable.  
  6. Use the smallest amount you need to get the job done; one cannon can be enough to stop a whole army of Huns.
  7. DO NOT pollute the oceans, apparently some sea creatures have access to magic and they can be pretty vindictive. 
  8. Every rock and tree and creature has a life, has a spirit, has a name.

I decided that maybe I should not put this as a post on the company blog (although I’m still really tempted) and instead I put it here with this lovely, and blatant, plug for my company’s blog, it’s right here!  It’s about environmental things and is somewhat spectacular.  Check it out, you know you want to.

Also, 5 points if you can identify all the movies I referenced! 

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