Friday, June 29, 2012

9 Under-Appreciated Awesome Things

I don't even know, this all started when I realized that no one knows what the heck a spin pin is and then it just metastasized into this thing that I felt I had to write about.  So without further ado, 9 totally awesome things that people often don't notice or don't think about. 

1. The spin pin.  These things actually work really well.  I was beyond skeptical when I bought them, 20 bobby pins in one? Give me a break, I thought.  I am happy to say I misjudged them though, so go buy some, you won’t regret it.  

2. The doggy bag dispensers in my apartment complex.  I mean seriously, they provide us with bags and trashcans, pick up your dog’s poo.

3. How cool looking clouds are.  Look at them sometime, they are kind of amazing.

4. The enormity of outer space.  When you think about how big the universe is, and by that logic how perfectly insignificant we are, it is somewhat mind blowing.

5. Velcro.  It’s awesome and it allows you to put off teaching your kids how to tie their shoes almost indefinitely.

6. The human thumb.  Look at yours.  Touch your thumb to all your other fingers.  That’s what puts you at the top of the food chain.  Contemplate that.

7.  Indoor plumbing. Enough said.

8. The sense of smell.  I feel like this one gets a bad rep sometimes because people are more apt to complain about bad smells than they are to rejoice in the smell of, say, freshly cut grass or a fresh loaf of bread.  Imagine how drab the world would be if you never got to smell things.

9. Internet and the fact that I can publish this little list and almost anyone in the world could access and read it.  It’s a small world after all folks.

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