Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mommy I like the interns, can we keep them?

 So there are three interns working at my office this summer and I kind of really like them.  Maybe because they are close to my age? Maybe because they are legitimately awesome?  The world may never know.  At any rate, I like them!  

One of them, who we will refer to only as DowntownAbrown, made me the super cool little drawing to the left.  Isn't it spectacular?  She’s also making playing cards with an office theme, she has mad skills.  Before the summer is up she will hopefully be writing a guest post or two about her varied dating experiences, which I shall post on here for the world's entertainment.  Because, you know, the whole world reads my blog. 

Oh, and side note, I should not be allowed in an office sometimes.  I could not make the toaster oven work this morning so I asked a co-worker for help.  He came with me to the break room and proceeded to plug it in.  

Life -1   Kyley -0.

In my defense, the timer is mechanical so it was clicking like it does when the machine is plugged in.  That makes it better right? Right?! 

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