Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Day in the Life : The "Broken" Escalator

They needed one of these bad boys!
There are a lot of escalators at the conference I'm at.  It amazes me to see people wait in the line for the escalator when there are stairs literally 20 feet away.  That said, I've been stairs-ing it up today.

Just now though I came out of a meeting and was shocked to find a long line in front of the stairs!  At first I thought I was an uber trend setter or that the entire conference had just gone on a miraculous health kick!

Not the case.

I pass the escalator and see a security guard standing in front of it directing people to the stairs and saying, "The escalator is broken, stairs and elevator are that way."


I don't think the security guard A. Has ever listened to Mitch Hedberg or B. Understands the minimal implications of a broken escalator.  I understand that the dimensions are not exactly the same, but broken escalators are basically stairs.  I'm just saying.

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