Friday, August 17, 2012

Things that Exist

Sometimes in my life travels I come across things that are just amazing.  Like the mere fact that they exist makes the sky a little bluer, the air a little cleaner, etc.  Other times I encounter things that make the world dark and filled with sadness and confusion.  So today I have two lists for you, hopefully they will balance each other out!

Amazing Things / Things I Will Someday Buy for a White Elephant Gift Exchange:

1. The Sharkbanana – Yes, you read that right.  An epic hybrid between shark and banana.  And the best part?  You can have one of your very own for as little as $12.95!

2. The Rubber Chicken Purse – Enough said.

3. The Banana Slicer – No more will you have to struggle to slice your bananas!  With the banana slicer all the work is done for you.  Clearly this is a vital kitchen tool and I plan to buy at least 4 of them.

4. The Chumbuddy – I actually really want one of these.  It’s a sleeping bag that looks like a shark, I think it’s awesome.

Things That Hurt My Soul

1. Jalapeño Bagels – They are all the time infecting my blueberry ones!  People bring bagels into work and it’s awesome but then I bite into mine and taste that it has been tainted by the jalapeño!  Jalapeños are not a breakfast food, dang it!

2.  White Socks – I never wear them, my socks are always colorful and amazing.  Often times they don’t even match.

4. Diet Caffeine Free Soda – Really? What’s even the point of that? 

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