Wednesday, January 2, 2013

In a Perfect World...

Someone would pay me to just read books all day. Maybe I should have gone into publishing? Who knows. Someday I want to either own a bookstore or work in a library. Maybe when I'm old and gray and retired it can happen. Anyway, I've recently read a few really good books and thought I'd share:

1. The Thirteenth Tale - This book is haunting and engrossing.  For me, it was the kind of book I just wanted to sit and read all at once.  The story was woven beautifully and I never found myself just wanting to get through it.  I wanted to know the nuances and minor details because they all seemed to add to the overall effect.  I highly recommend this book, especially if you are a lover of books to begin with.

2. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - I think what drew me into this book was its simplicity.  It is a story that is both engrossing and concise.  The narrator is a young autistic boy and his voice really adds something.  I feel like a lot of the time authors rely on heavy emotion to pull the reader into their story.  But with this book the narrator does not feel strong emotions and that is transferred across to the reader.  I enjoyed reading a story that was so straightforward.

3. Let It Snow - Absolutely adorable Christmastime read.  John Green was involved so there was very little chance it would be anything less than enjoyable.  It's written by three different authors and is technically 3 different stories but in the end they are all connected.  I thought it was really cool and a great quick winter read.

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