Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow Induced Vehicular Jackassary

My fellow drivers, today I would like to take a moment to dispel some of what I can only assume are common misconceptions regarding snow and the common driver.

To begin, I feel it is important to say that if you do any of the following when it’s snowing you are a jackass.  If you do any of the following when it is not snowing you should really just go turn your license over to the DMV and be done with it because you have no business endangering the rest of us with these sorts of shenanigans.

Lesson number one: A dusting of snow on the ground does not, in fact, give you reason to use your vehicle to body check another thus forcing them to change lanes.  Snow does not cause exits to move.  You know when it’s coming up so get over in time.  Just because it is snowing does not mean you get to be a tool and try to kill people.

Lesson number two: Light snow in no way justifies you driving 22mph on a major highway.  This is just absurd and will likely cause more accidents than it prevents.

Lesson number three: Winter weather does not give you leave to cut people off!  Again, the exits do not change when it snows.  Engage your brain and stop acting like a Neanderthal.

Lesson number four:  While I understand that snow can make it difficult to see the lines on the road, it does not mean you get to totally ignore them and drive down the center of two lanes.

Lesson number five:  You should really try using your breaks.  Snow does not always mean you won’t be able to stop and as such, you should still do the lawful thing and attempt to stop yourself from running a red light.

There are probably more instances that I have not mentioned but these were just the ones I was privy to on my drive into work this morning.  And keep in mind this doesn't even mention the countless drivers who are so sure that the snow won't do anything to hurt them that they drive even more recklessly than they normally would.  So come on people, let’s remove heads from butts and use some common sense.  A bit of snow on the ground in no way gives you a license for vehicular jackassary. 

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