Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reasons I’m Not Studying:

1. It’s more fun to watch cartoons.

2. I suspect a direct correlation between the time I spend studying and the number of kittens that are sick in the world.

3. Because I’m thinking of an answer for when people ask me about the above suspected correlation.

4. Because my room needed to be cleaned…then when that was done it made me realize how shabby my closet looked… and my desk……

5. As it is clusters week, I believe that the total study time allocated for 745 is being hyper utilized, so I am holding off in order to save resources.

6. Because I really needed to re-organize all of my stuff.

7. Because it was vital that I watch an entire season of the big bang theory.

8. Because I fear I will become too smart and alienate those around me with my superior intellect.

9. Because in 5 years, it probably won’t matter whether or not I study.

10. Because I fear a paper cut.

11. Because my hunger strike for world peace came to an abrupt end when I got really hungry so I decided to fast from studying instead. It’s for the greater good.

12. Because I just really, really, really… don’t want to.

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