Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Meet Bo.

Hello World! This is Bo.  He is a somewhat new addition to my life.  I rescued him from the humane society a few weeks ago and we have been buds since about a week into my owning him.  (He’s super shy so it took some time for him to acclimate to his new life.)  He’s a mutt with hound in him and he is the most absurdly deceptive animal I have ever known.

When I got him he was shy and quiet and since then he has become what I can only call “bat shit crazy.”  Note the photo to the left.  That’s him leaning his head backwards over the ottoman he was laying on.  About 3 seconds later he leaned too far and fell off.  It was awesome.

His favorite game is called “go bonkers,” and basically involves him getting down on his haunches until I move, at which point he tears off and does a few laps around the apartment.  His most favorite things are belly rubs, milk bones, and his purple cheetah stuffy (which no longer has ears).

I kinda like him.    

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