Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Things You Should Really Stop Doing

If you are a regular reader of my blog you may remember a past post titled, “Things That Annoy Me” which was, quite simply, a list of things that I find annoying.  As a sort of companion piece, I now give you “Things You Should Really Stop Doing.”  Read, learn, and enjoy.  Also, please note these things are directed at mankind in general (myself included) not a specific person. 

1. Saying “irregardless.”  The word is regardless, there is no “ir” before it.  Stop saying that, you sound iruneducated.

2. Being perpetually contrary.  Seriously, I know some people who I think are borderline bipolar with the way they will flip-flop their opinions in order to be able to contradict someone else. That’s a character flaw, rectify it.

3. I’ve been guilty of this one; that doesn’t make it any less something we should all stop.  Singing along to songs you don’t actually know the words to.  A couple of my favorite people in the world are also offenders here.  A message to them, me, and the world, it’s got to stop.

4. This one is a total pipe dream but… yawning in public.  Do you even realize what you just started?

5. Leaving your dog’s poo on the ground.  I’ve recently learned this is common practice, not just something that happens in my apartment complex.  Really people, really? 

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