Monday, July 30, 2012

We Used to be in Love

I think I’m breaking up with Google.  In particular with Google maps.  In even more particular the “street view” of Google maps.  We used to be in love.  Things were just perfect, we always understood each other.  Google maps had my back and I touted it’s awesomeness to everyone I knew.  Not anymore though.  I used to agree with The Lonely Island that “Googlemaps is the best, true that, double true.”  But then Google maps betrayed me.

All I wanted for lunch today was some of those new KFC chicken bite things they’re advertising the crap out of (which opens up a whole different annoyance, why am I so susceptible to advertising?  As a marketer, should I not be immune?  But I digress...) and some delicious mashed potatoes.  So, being the tech savvy girl that I am I went to Google maps to find the nearest location.  I checked the street view so I’d be able to recognize the landmarks near it.  Armed with only my car, wit, and full faith in Google maps I set out from the office.

I get to where the KFC is supposed to be to see an empty building.  No signs telling me what it is.  Nothing.  Only the telltale design informing me that there was once a KFC in the location.  Google maps showed me a thriving business!  There were signs on Google maps, none in real life.  There was hope on Google maps, none in real life.  None at all.

I was forced to go to McDonald’s because it was the other close restaurant where I could get a reasonable facsimile of chicken.  It was just so bad.  My belly is sad and so is my soul.  We had such a beautiful thing Google, why’d you do this to me?  

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